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Finding the right agents at the right time with the right skill sets

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Virtual Observer Community WFM Agent Adherence


VO Community WFM produces accurate forecast, optimized schedules, advanced agent adherence reports thru flexible portals for schedulers, supervisor and agents. Familiar web browsers enable agents to request exceptions, view their adherence and even post a schedule swap request. Each user can personalize their own content placement and product theme for an unmatched ease of use experience.


  • What if staff levels were right-sized based on demand?
  • How many more agents will we need if our call volume increases by 10%?
  • What if we offered a different grade of service on Monday than we do on Tuesday?
  • What if we offered our agents split or 4/10 shift types?
  • What if we could find a right-priced WFM option?

VO Community WFM can answer “YES!” to all of these “What If” questions and more. Our powerful, enterprise-ready workforce management solution can be installed in your center in less than one day. Plan, optimize and manage with a single solution with active customizable portals for schedulers supervisors and agents!

VO Community WFM delivers the most advanced real-time adherence alerts in the industry. Users can create unique thresholds and grace periods as photo-based reports are framed in the color indicating their violation. Schedulers can use one set of thresholds while each supervisor operates with a different set of thresholds.

Schedule optimization is enabled using multiple scheduling approaches including fixed, floating, rotations and several flavors in between. Exceptional intraday management tools enable rapid tracking and notification of deviations to call volumes, staff schedules and real-time agent adherence. All of these features are delivered in a familiar web browser and the product is renowned for is unprecedented ease of use and rich flexible reporting options.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

A healthcare facility in the mideast US installed Virtual Observer a few years back as part of a call recording and quality assurance initiative:
“We monitor all incoming and outgoing calls for 40 agents. By recording all calls and auditing data and productivity reports for each team, individual registrar and nurse managers can determine how to reduce hold times, transfer fewer calls and provide more callers with what they need with just one call. This tool also improves management’s ability to train and coach staff to enhance the customer experience. The call center uses internally designed evaluation templates to measure quality, accuracy and completeness of contact with families.”